The dream journeys of Puss Milo

Puss Milo likes napping, of course.
He nods off in his basket, snoozing everywhere…
He wakes up on a cloud high above the town.
His basket becomes a boat so he just float around.
He climbs on a tree and stays there, for a year.

Dream journeys on Puss Milo

Puss Milo is sleeping again.
While sleeping in the laundry
basket he leaves the earth and
embarks himself in an interstelar
He dreams he’s a superstar and
run away with a circus.
He takes a nap in a bag and goes
on holiday. Dream on Milo.

Puss Milo,
farm cat

In his dream Puss Milo wakes up
in a farm.
Beeh, cuac, oink… the animals try to
wake him up but he keeps dreaming
deeper and deeper away.

Wake up Milo, wake up.

Rubinstein  The Netherlands      Panamericana  Colombia